Comment: Sticks and stones

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Sticks and stones

Don't quit. Hang in there and you could find an audience.

You are right Ron Paul is not the movement and it will survive without him. He is the focus of the movement because we need a leader with direction and until he retires he will continue to be that.

So much goes on at the state level that the good Doctor's guidance is unnecessary as the activists know what to do and pretty much how to do it. That is how the movement is self sustaining. As time goes by our state leadership will learn the game of politics and be able to have more and more influence on platforms and candidates.

History is our guide if we look back to the 1960s and the left wing revolution that swept through academe and the Democratic Party. That is what is happening today, but, in a manner that is reaffirming our American ideals of individual freedom and limited government. The youth are awakening to the promise of a free America and it is they who will supplant the left wing in our colleges and universities.

The Tea Party has awakened another segment of Americans to the retaking of their government and at least return it to fiscal responsibility. Now if only we could influence them to become constitutionalists rather than conservatives the resultant pressure to return to republican government would only add to our impetus and bring about smaller and affordable government sooner than later.

Ron B.