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I'm a Republican. Republican Party is my party

I am a Ron Paul Republican. I qualified for a seat on the Mendocino County Republican Central Committee district 4, name is B. B. Grace, and I am registered as a Ron Paul delegate with the CA Sec. of State.

Not all delegates are stealth, very few are.

Unfortunately, all thsi stealth talk, convinced a man to show up to my central committee meeting saying he was supporting Romney.

By the end of the meeting he admitted he was for Ron Paul. All his "stealth" stuff did is give the Chair and vice chair (who I have caught in so many lies) ammunition to not trust him.

This "stealth" stuff is too general and doing more harm than good because our goal is to amplify Ron Paul's message. It's not just about being a delegate, it's also about getting seated and being part of a committee that establishes laws, viting NO to unconstitutional laws.

Ron paul presidency is futile without people backing him.

In a county os huge as mine, I'm the only one, and this guy, who didn't petition and qualify, so he has to beg them for a seat. They don't like Romney either.

Allot of people posting about stealth are not Republicans, are not delegates, are condeming and insulting, but they are not doing the work, just fearmongering. They mean well, but those who are stealth have been advised directly. The campaign is very direct. I did not get any information about what we were doing from Daily Paul. Daily Paul is not connected with the campaign and no stealth delegate is coming hear to learn about being stealth.

That's why to me, all this stealth stuff on Daily Paul is fearmongering, and back firing as it did to the man who showed up to my last meeting. Nice man... but do I trust him? No more than they do, and that's a shame. What happened to the "I am Ron Paul" and to take a seat openly... yes, they attack, that's why there are law suits. There should be. Nothing is legal aboout my Republican Central Committee.. never has aq quorum. But we can't fix it if we lie and cheat like they do.

Every state is different.. Ron paul campaign selected their 172 delegates, Romney picked his, election says who gets to go.