Comment: Tom Woods You are Absolutely Correct!

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Tom Woods You are Absolutely Correct!

I first learned about Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney on Friday morning from Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief ( I was in shock! Here were some of his comments from that issue:

"... If we are to suffer more of the inevitable march into global governance under this secret combination of power that controls our government (and both political parties), it is better that an evil puppet like Barack Obama do the dirty deed that a naive Mormon politician like Romney—desperately trying to please the establishment. An Obama presidency would continue to build a stronger resistance movement. A Romney win would weaken it as he would tend to talk many people into accepting the neocon agenda—and that would do more damage to the soul America than anything else. ..."

Joel also said:

"...I do not consider Rand a suitable replacement to lead the liberty movement his father helped build. ..."

I couldn't agree more. This made me begin to think WHO would be suitable to lead the movement? The Liberty movement will move on with or without Ron Paul and without Campaign for Liberty if it gets co-opted. I specifically thought of YOU, Tom Woods, as a first impression. After hearing your message to Ron Paul I am not disappointed in my first impression.

Hopefully, Ron won't endorse Romney and won't be taken down as collateral damage from all this. I'm however prepared to move on to keep the REAL (and not co-opted if it comes to that) movement alive. The chips must fall where they may.