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Comment: Don't try to tickle my ears.

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Don't try to tickle my ears.

Don't try to tickle my ears. Rand Paul doesn't get it. I don't want a bill that legalizes hemp or another bill that gets rid of the TSA.... I want the power of the civil central government to be so diminished that their bill, regulation, and law making capabilities are removed. I want the 'Federal' schools, prisons, post office, IRS, money monopoly, and bank abolished. I want a free market society. I want competitive currencies, competitive media and entertainment, the military industrial complex to end and the soldiers home. I want real protection of the borders and open arms to those that want to do good. I want our society to stop taking advantage of it's citizens, enabling/enriching bands of robbers dressed in fine suits, a real humble foreign policy and real justice that calls for restitution. I want the workers and savers to prosper instead of being punished. ... Rand cannot do this. Party loyalty cannot do this. Only a renewed love for liberty that blankets the country.