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Signing up for this disqualifies delegates

so don't do it if you're a delegate

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Submitted by zsh-ninja on Mon, 06/04/2012 - 10:59. Permalink
ToolsForJustice is a scam (same site as and associated with those are Jerry Davis, Mark Vitte, Richard C. Gilbert (username:“Patriot Press_USA Free Press”).

Dr. K Research is Dr. Cass Ingram, and I wouldn't put him on a list of suspected scammers, unless you've got some evidence about, I personally, do not. He's involved with some of the others mentioned, but I would lean towards him not vetting the people/sites properly rather than being an accomplice.

You are right though, something's going on, whether it be simple greed, gathering intel, or a deliberate trap for guiding delegates into a situation where they inadvertently disqualify themselves (e.g. signing up at a publically accessible tax evasion website ( for ‘help’ “creating a federal case to seat all delegates”, the ‘help’ being some paralegals/ex-law student).