Comment: Voting this thread down is

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Voting this thread down is

Voting this thread down is horeshit. This was posted in the liberty forum. Some of the people here are on Dr. Pauls nuts so bad it's sickening. This is a MOVEMENT! It's not about one person. What happens when Dr. Paul is done? Are you all going to be completely lost or unwilling to move forward? People here down vote anything they disagree with or doesn't pertain Dr. Paul directly. I can't imagine how many people have been turned off from this place after the recent weeks. It's not helping the movemnt by being so closed minded. Just because some people want to support other people while they support the good Dr., it doesn't make them turncoats or summer soldiers or whatever people have been so kind to call others. If you disagree, state the reasons instead of just voting shit down, unless your only reason is that it's not just about the Doc. What a joke.