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Point out a single lie I 've

Point out a single lie I 've posted and I'll gladly admit it. Fact is it didn't happen. You've resorted to mindless banter and sensless attacks on myslef as a person, not what I've said. And you can call me a coward if you want. I know the truth. I'm a two tour veteran that got out of the military solely due to Dr. Paul. I gave up everything in my life for this. If that deifnes cowardice, then so be it. I was also a delegate for him in my state. The problem is that when you have nothing educated to say you resort to personal attacks. And I hope that people here that criticize others in this movement have done everything they could in this fight. The bottom line is that if we keep fighting amongst ourselves we'll never get anywhere, and that is what many seem content doing. So show me my lies. You'll be hard pressed as it's not something I make a habit of doing.