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A while ago

this was discussed in the circles I'm running around in at the moment and it was decided that, because of his FOX News sort of ways and contracts, he'd be just another establishment tool that would just as well shut up and keep the party line as be a radical new kind of thinker. Just kidding. All of that conversation was based on the constant bombardment of ex-FBI rep Grimm who supposedly brought down the mob and made his way justly into the halls of the people. It was observed that whoever was running Freedom Watch paraded him around like he was some kind of Ron Paul on the show. In essence, the Judge would do some good IMO. In reality he'd be destroyed politically and he knows it. That said, he has my vote for whatever office he runs for that I can have a say in as long as he doesn't flip flop and ask Grimm to be his Vice fill in the blank!

All comments are based on either fuzzy logic(the warm kind), the 1950s, or wild and wooly speculation that was hatched at some after-hours club in SoHo.

"Sometimes you need a good suit!"