Comment: finally got around to watching the entire speech in full without

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finally got around to watching the entire speech in full without

any interruptions.

It was F'ng EPIC!!!!

He was on FIRE, there's no conceding!

He practically ridiculed that all past conventions have been $200MIL+ taxpayer subsidized boondoggle for a PRIVATE party function/coronation, and how that should stop, and how WE WILL make this year's one of the few that truly matters!!!

How the frak in the world, ANYONE can watch this speech and even REMOTELY in a parallel universe/multiverse even jokingly postulate that Dr. Paul could EVER endorse Mutt WRONGney, REGARDLESS of whatever Rand may say or do, is beyond me!!!

Like an ijiota I just sped through it to see if the file I downloaded was a good copy and decided to watch it later; instead I made the mistake of watching Rand's endorsement on Sean'R3VOL snowball phobia'Insanity's circus, first!


Facepalm signage!

Had I watched this speech, I could've utterly cared less about Rand's announcement or what it even means within the context of this year's election cycle or the fate of post-RP, R3OVLution.

Doc was on FIRE!!!

I couldn't help but jump up and down screaming YEAH! like every 2 minutes!

The Doc had this grown dolt break out in man-tears throughout the speech!!! I'm not embarrassed to say, my eyes were bathing in natural saline about 70% of the speech!

So frackin' inspiring! Felt like could take on ANYTHING after watching that speech!

Still can't believe how a genteel septuagenarian statesman (whom ironically abhors the state/the leviathan and all it stands for) country doc with such fiery ideas could have such insanely natural ability to make a grown ass man teary, JUST BY SPEAKING about principles of liberty, philosophy, history, and an econ, is beyond me.

To 'get' that is to be Ron Paul-ed.

The man practically gives a college primer on the Constitution, econ, philosophy, and history... ALL IN LESS THAN 50minutes!!!

Every speech I hear now from whomever, on whatever topic, can only be classified as PRE-Ron Paul, or POST-Ron Paul.

I just realized what I truly was missing in the rather absent past 3weeks: my daily Ron Paul TRUTH fix!!!

I was going through a withdrawal; and whenever I would hear anyone else talk, it all sounded fake.

This is why I can NEVER truly support someone like Gary Johnson, despite the well meaning LP trolls here: aside from his utter failure to identify or even give a definitive definition, or his own definition for what libertarianism meant without resorting to CATO's scribbled notes/talking points during Bob Wenzel's interview, not to mention not even realizing what the non-aggression axiom is, he lacks one thing, the ONLY thing that matters, compared to Ron: the TRUTH, and CONVICTION in its delivery.

Ron may be the most effective non-slick speaker of ALL time. The Doc knows how to STIR your SOUL, like old school Motown R&B singers. They know how to 'HIT' that truth frequency in your spine, and once hit, it reverberates in you, like FOREVER, like some perpetual motion alarm clock.

No offense Gary Jonhnsonites, but you think I'm gonna ditch my Rolls Royce for your Chinese Rolls grilled knock off?

No Thank You.

Ron is NEVER giving up. He will NEVER concede. I could FEEL the energy in the convention floor.

Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul and his high school sweetheart Ms. Carol Wells Paul WILL BE the President and the First Lady come January 2013.

I can FEEL it!

EVERY RINO in the ROOM couldn't even help but to FEEL it.

Sounds like revival, you say?

Yeah. A TRUTH revival!

Go get'em Ron!

And SCORCHED EARTH R3VOL in Tampa! We WILL make him the POTUS!

PS. after watching this, I just had sudden urge to want to go Hulk on that FDR worshiping socialist commie fascist Webster Griffin Tarpley, who is not even 1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000th the man that Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul, could be given a platform by longtime InfoWarriors to spew the most disgusting vile, bile, putrid hate and utter smear against a man, a humble man, single handedly responsible for waking up more MILLIONS worldwide to simply ask themselves, individually:

1. What ARE human freedoms?
2. What should the role of govt be, if at all??

than perhaps ANYONE else in modern human, recorded history!!!

How DARE that Princeton midget!!!

Those two questions are IMO two of the most important questions one can ask of him/herself, to FREE themselves!

If AJ thinks Rand betrayed him, well what does it say about him that he carries and actively sells books by an avowed socialist fascist worshiper of the most destructive hybrid econ monster ever known to man: the Hamiltonian/'American School of Econ'/FDR New Deal 'progressive' corporatist tyranny command control centralized econ model, which no matter what Webster TURDley says will MURDER more people than under ANY econ model!

And that biatch whines about the Austrian school, which for a brainiac academic such as Webster Tarpley, couldn't even be bothered to research, or read??

Does that not make AJ an equal traitor to the Republic when the guest's ideas that he peddles at his store propagandizes the most dangerous idea that will financially destroy the Republic??

Guess AJ too is against human liberty as him merely repetitively featuring Tarpley as an 'expert economist' guest, who's never engaged in the economy or voluntary commerce other than booksales and signing contract with his book agent, and are by proxy merely inadvertently serving the NWO, as Tarpley's ideology, in the aggregate, ONLY serves the Ruling Class.

Will be so glad when this nonsense hysteria over Rand being pushed by AJ, blows over.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul