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Pushed into a corner

The establishment (RNC) has pushed all Ron Paul delegates and supporters into a corner during this election campaign.
This lawsuit is necessary...So, they won't be able to "weasel" their way out of the blatant corruption.
Additionally, it should clear up some issues regarding the voting process. If nothing is done, it will give the RNC more leverage by saying...Hey, we did this last time and you didn't say anything.
This is just the beginning of more to come (I hope), because those that have perpetuated this fraud need to be held accountable.
The evidence is very clear for an impartial court to see that what has transpired has been a violation of Federal Laws regarding voting.
The establishment RNC likes Big Government, Federal Law supercedes any State or Party rules...It's using the system to fight the system, which is called "gorilla warfare". Whenever you must resort to this tactic, you can't really worry about pissing anyone off...It's let the chips fall where they may, the (RNC) heads are gonna roll.