Comment: Green Papers on the Virginia State Convention:

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Green Papers on the Virginia State Convention:

"Saturday 16 June 2012: The State Convention convenes in Richmond.

13 At-Large National Convention Delegates (all of whom are bound according to the results of the Virginia Republican Primary) are elected at the State Convention.

All Congressional and At-Large National Convention delegates to are bound for the first ballot at the Republican National Convention unless he/she has publicly withdrawn or has released his/her delegates.

The State Convention chooses 3 party leader delegates (a State Party Chairman is elected; and a National Committeeman and a National Committeewoman are nominated) all of whom will attend the convention as unpledged delegates by virtue of their position."


Unlike most other states, it will be the newly chosen Chairman, Committeeman, and Committeewoman who will fill the 3 "bigwig" delegate slots. We therefore have a chance to pick up these bigwig delegates if we can secure the majority at the Convention and put our people into these positions.

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