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Comment: Not if the judge rules the other way...

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Not if the judge rules the other way...

That just creates a precedent where there was none before.
Which...would be an epic FAIL.
I'm all for going after voter fraud, but leave the delegates and the RNC rules out of it, because I'm 110% certain —that on the issue of a political committee's delegate-binding, the court will either not give the "clarification" that is requested, by dismissing the case (which is the best case scenerio), or they will give the "clarification" that the Nation Republican Party has its 1st Amendment Right of freedom of association and that the binding stands (worst case).
Did the attorney check every bylaw in every state, along with all not-for-public-consumption RNC Committee on Credentials bylaws to see if litigation puts delegates in the position of having a Confict of Interest (COI) w/r/t/ their party?
No, he didn't. And do not come back with "litigation privileges", because I am not talking about subjective retribution or the discovery process.
As an intentionally not-applicable example, take for instance the Bylaws of the C.R.A.

For members of the California Republican Assembly
Section 11.04. Litigation Prohibited. The President, Membership Secretary, or Board of Directors may summarily terminate the membership of any CRA member who files a lawsuit or legal action against CRA, its officers or agents, or any chartered Republican Assembly, or who voluntarily assists in such action, without first complying with the provisions of this Article. Where membership is terminated by the President or Membership Secretary, it may be appealed to the Board of Directors and the decision of the Board shall be final. The Board may take other disciplinary action and pursue other legal remedies against such a CRA member or former member, without prior notice, by majority vote. Any CRA member whose membership is terminated under this section shall not be permitted to rejoin CRA without the prior approval of the Board of Directors.