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how are we doing everyone? it seems that most conventions we lose-county, district, or state- by such a small margin its so upsetting. Washington, Missouri, now maybe even Massachusetts? in new jersey we are MORE than upset that we dont have ANY form of convention to at ANY level to reevaluate the popular vote. since their seems to be no hope in Pennsylvania or mass, im going to try and round up as many 'paulbots' as possible to help you guys out in Virginia. we MORE than appreciate you finally putting up the correct information on the web so we can come to your aid. will do anything we can from screaming to streaming to help you guys out. we wont be roudy but well help with roll call and voice votes, given you have them in your platform. we need those new chairs people, we cannot afford to lose this INCREDIBLY important state. if your from new jersey, new york or anywhere somewhat near to us, please, i STRONGLY encourage you to travel to Virginia as well, from any state, and that goes to anyone bordering Iowa and Montana. WE NEED TO WIN THESE. it doesnt matter who or what is telling us we cant win the nomination, its about us giving it all we can to show up with enough 'paulbots' as possible. WE NEED MORE NUMBERS PEOPLE, THIS IS ALL THAT MATTERS, AND REGARDLESS IF WE WIN OR LOSE WE WANT THE MOST AND TO KEEP THE PRESSURE ON THEM