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Defazio has treated us well

Nobody is perfect, but Defazio is pretty darn good. He even voted against the Patriot Act since the first time it came up right after 9/11.

Robinson's son (using same platform as Robinson) ran against Defazio in the Democratic Primary this year and lost by a landslide. Defazio got 90% of vote. It was nice for the young Robinson to get involved but the downside is that it kept Democrats from switching parties in the primary to vote for Ron Paul.

In 2010 DeFazio beat Robinson Sr. 54-44
In 2008 the Republicans didn't even bother trying.
In 2006 Defazio got 62% of vote. and so on.. 1996 he had 66%

Not sure what the latest redistricting will do. I will take a good look at Robinson, but I am generally not inspired to get rid of good people for someone unknown. I have no idea if he will be able to stand up when in Washington. People tend to change when they get in office.

Sorry for late response....just saw this when googling for defazio