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Think about Ron Paul's history.

After the run in '08, he got together with Ralph Nader and several of the other party nominees and held a press conference about the two party monopoly. He ran third party in '88. He is only running as a Republican now in order to be heard.

Everyone already knows he's masquerading as a Republican. Why would he care if he ruined his reputation as a Republican, or severed ties (again)? What he said was he had "no intention" of doing it because he didn't "want to." Well...maybe he wants to now. Just a thought.

I think if he does this, it will be his own thing. Maybe he doesn't want to go out like this. Maybe he's tired of all the politics and being told what to do. Let CFL and everybody else tow the line and he can move all in as an Independent. This, to me, is the only way he DOESN'T allow his reputation to be sullied.

John F