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Comment: I wish you all the luck.. pray you get the help you need!

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I wish you all the luck.. pray you get the help you need!

I did some poll watching in my county district in CA.

With 60% forced to vote absentee ballot on CA, we will never know the truth, but I know the election was rigged.

I registered 12 people Republican to vote for Ron Paul. I petitioned for a seat on my Republican Central Committee, openly as a Ron Paul Republican, I got 29 signatures. I look forward to seeing the growth in the GOP this year, because to me, that all reflects on Ron Paul.

I observed 4 polling stations in my county district June 5TH, where there are over 1700 registered Republicans.

A total of 279 people voted. Forty eight were Republicans.

My County got nearly 16% for Ron Paul. The state, just over 10%.

If those who went to the polls represent 40%, than that means 12 people per percent.. so my district saw 120 Republican votes, 17 people voted for Ron Paul.

Is it possible I know every Ron Paul voter? I don't think that is possible, as I don't know every Republican, yet, every day it seems someone is telling me they voted for Ron Paul, and that's over 17 allready.

Thank you for your efforts. I wish I could have done more.