Comment: Clearly Disappointed is Essential

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Clearly Disappointed is Essential me. Given the state of the world, where would we be if there was no standard...nothing to reach for...just what we've got.

Sure, a Senator can get press because of his personal outrage at TSA touching him. However, it is just press when the world is now putting the same tactics in airports everywhere. I am clearly disappointed in that and most other things about the very rapidly approaching NWO designed to make control easy for the globalists.

John Galt served as a principled counterpoint to the collectivist social and economic structure depicted in Atlas Shrugged. Are you glad he was in the novel. What would the story be without him?

Where would we be if there had not been one person who acted as a principled counterpoint to TBTB? I am glad RP is clearly disappointed not at this and that...but at the underlying lack of principles and the tyranny. He shrugged and I do to.

Of course it is a choice to be "relatively happy" and get the same in incrementally more evil ways. I do not want to be the frog in the pot as the water temperature keeps getting hotter. But that, my friends, is really what being "relatively happy" in this NWO amounts to.