Comment: What I want to know is why the campaign folded right as it

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What I want to know is why the campaign folded right as it

was winning?

The people who gave their hard earned money (some who didn't really have it to give), their time, their blood sweat and tears, people who lost friends over this campaign, who alienated family members because of it - was the intention NEVER to really win? If there was such an intention, why the capitulation as the success started to roll in? Did they just not like the idea of HOW they were going to win? Wasn't that the strategy all along? Or was Rand's strategy the real strategy all along and they just didn't think that was enough to motivate us?

The grassroots are OWED this explanation. It can wait till after Tampa if need be. But I will be extremely disappointed in Dr. Paul (the elder) if he doesn't level with us.

I'm all for advancing Liberty in all quarters, but there needs to be a "coming clean" on what happened to the Presidential campaign.

There are lots of people looking like fools right now to their friends and family. Lots of family members will NEVER listen to us again - ever. We will never be able to convince them to vote for "the good guy" and not fall for the "wasted vote syndrome" because this campaign just assured them, their vote was wasted, and there is no point voting for the "good guy" because he'll just drop out and never planned on winning anyway.

THIS is the reality.

You can moan and bitch and cry all you want about "influence" and "building the GOP."

You are ignoring how much harder that job will be now that easily HALF of the current supporters will no longer be open to our persuasions because they don't trust us anymore, because "our guys" drop out and aren't REALLY in it to win it, and then how they turn and ENDORSE the very guy we've been claiming is no better than Obama, or is in fact the same.

Answers and honesty are due.