Comment: Your analogy does not make

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Your analogy does not make

Your analogy does not make sense... at all.

Just think about most of Ron's campaign adds this year. They were all about the concept that actions speak louder than words. He called out the other candidates for their actions. Rand's actions have been stellar in my opinion.

"When you endorse someone you endorse their positions."

This is completely false. I'm sure Ron Paul would endorse Gary Johnson if he were running for senate or a similar position... does this mean that Ron Paul now endorses a pro-choice stance? No. Although I wouldn't endorse Romney, and I'm glad Ron Paul won't, Rand is a big boy and can make his own decisions. I'm open and optimistic about his strategy. It is easy enough to endorse specific positions one by one... that is the great thing about free thought.

When Murray Rothbard "endorsed" Bush Sr., he pointed out that both candidates were bozos who wanted to rule us... but he humored us with an endorsement of the least bad candidate. I do wish Rand would have worded his endorsement similarly... but he is a Senator, after all, and is thinking about the future of the liberty movement... and not just the present satisfaction of his dad's supporters. Romney will be forgotten in 20 years, as will this petty endorsement. Rand can make changes that will last in perpetuity.

I say, let's be a little more optimistic, let Rand run with this plan, and see what happens. Stop the hate. re3VOLution.