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Comment: To coup or not to coup...

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To coup or not to coup...

I think the initial plan was, of course, to "steal" (lol) the nomination at Tampa. The problem is that in order for that strategy to work, you have to KNOW you have the delegates.

Even if Paul had won TX and CA (read: if they had used hand-counted paper ballots), the delegate count would've still been questionable.

If Paul delegates try to stage a coup and fail, it would have a tremendous negative impact on our movement, not only in the eyes of the people (many who already think we're crazy) but also from the Establishment, who will work even harder to relegate our movement. We've made so much progress in the last four years... do we really want to put that at risk?

You're right, many of us have sacrificed much to get where we are. That's what happens when you fight for a cause. If it means giving up your time, your money, or - heaven forbid - family & friends, you do it because you believe liberty is more important than your posessions and associations... and you do not ask what's in it for you. Liberty is in it for you. But you have to keep fighting.

That said, we have to fight smart. This isn't a military engagement that one wins with brute force. Our opponent has amries that can obliterate us, computers that can out-strategize us, and pockets that can out-spend us. This is chess, and we have to play as carefully, and thoughtfully as possible. Jeopardizing what we've fought so hard to win with a failed coup is worse for our cause than another four years of (quiet) hard work.