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My Grandfather told me years ago, that one of the best signs of

maturity, was when people stopped needing acknowledgment from others for their actions, meaning:

When you become of a certain maturity, you don't need approval or a pat on the back, or acknowledgment from others for things you've done or have not done yet. You don't need any cheerleaders in your corner justifying your actions, etc.

He said you can always tell when you're dealing with an immature individual, because they constantly need a "pat on the back" or "acknowledgment" from others, or "approval" for certain actions or deeds.

He said when one is mature in their own right, they'll just do what they feel they need to do and won't bring it to others attention for approval or acknowledgment.

Kind of like a child who needs constant praise from his/her Mother or Father for something they've done or created. At some point the child is supposed to move out of the dependent on praise mode and go down their own path of art or what have you, without the constant need for approval from others.

When a man finally grows up and becomes a man, he doesn't need approval or praise, acknowledgement from others for providing for his family, etc. He just does what he has to do and doesn't give a rats a$$ what anyone else thinks. But when he was a teenager, the words of encouragement from other family and friends may have been very much needed. When he finally matured and became a man, he needs no approval or encouragement from anyone; he knows what he has to do and just does it without seeking praise/acknowledgement from family and friends by saying "Hey, I brought home a paycheck this week and bought the kids groceries, aren't you going to acknowledge my sacrifice?"

We all need a pat on the back from time to time; we all need a little encouragement and acknowledgement through life, but the self pity "This is my last post" threads are really childish in my opinion.