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Comment: I agree

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I agree

Everybody is censored! Be quiet do not voice AN OPINION.

Don't be alarmed because Rand Paul sold out.

Or because his Father the Real true to his convictions Ron Paul would never have sacrificed his principles and endorsed Romney.


Ron Paul is the man, I only wish he had a stronger speaking voice and a better orator. It would have made a big difference.

When you see what is going to happen to this country in the next few years think Calcutta. 30% more manufacturing to leave the US.

Part of the reason is folks still think Conservatives have the solution, they don't. No more than Liberals and they don't either.

Ron Paul would have and probably has made the biggest difference on the political landscape in a long time and for some time to come.

But like occupy it will falter and the US will sink so low it will not recover for decades. Jobs outsourced will not return.

Once the US outproduced the world several times over now the US is broke and deeply in debt. Sadly it is over because the masses are asleep and those that are waking are misguided though well meaning.

I hate it when I see Joe six pack in his pick up truck bearing stickers "proud to be an American". Proud about what? The US is last in almost every category including freedom!

Let us talk about the score. Oh yea did you see the game? Have a couple of brews?

Give me a break!