Comment: Drednot...... lets think that through together...

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Drednot...... lets think that through together...

First, perhaps you are like me and believe that POLICY wise, GW Bush and Obama have been essentially the same. Further, they were both Big Spenders and Big Warmongers, ie nothing changed from Bush to Obama. We just get more of it with Obama.


Now perhaps you will agree that there will not be a POLICY change going from Obama to Romney. Nothing here changes fundamentally as well. Further, spending and MORE warfare are sure to come under a President Romney.


So, the ONLY difference to us in the R3VOLution is Obama is out in 4 and we can be back fighting for Napolitano/2016 (or maybe Rand/2016)

But notice this important fact: With a Romney win in 2012, the GOP republicans will be screaming for "4 more years for President Romney". Hence the r3VOLution will be on hold until 2020... YUCK!!!

So from my point of view, if this race is a close, I will not vote for GJ and vote FOR the r3VOLution by voting Obama so he is out in 4 years.


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