Comment: Standard Killer...The Mother of All Arab Springs

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Standard Killer...The Mother of All Arab Springs

I do not believe, Steve, that it has changed and I feel strongly that it is important that there be a remnant of us who believe in that absolute standard no matter what.

The history of compromise is clear. It doesn't work although I am all for Senators and Congressmen chipping away here and there because at least it increases awareness and promotes education.

However, none in Congress today have the courage of a Ron Paul and in compromising, they are compromised. There seems to be, or has been, only one standard bearer with the courage to fight the dragon with two heads at its roots.

What has happened here and why? Some here fell by the wayside. A few were implanted a long time ago and have been in wait for an opportunity to disrupt. Special interests bought by one or the other head of the dragon are creating chaos in order to dissuade delegates from going to Tampa and are bringing an Arab Spring to the movement for true liberty. We might as well be Syria or Libya...paint a regime as corrupt...same modus operandi....just the internet and media version applied to us.

The confusion was settling in even before Rand's endorsement. I do not know the rules about a campaign communicating with grassroots although I know there are some rules. Lack of communication about even such simple questions as potential gains from a law suit and whether or not those filing are legitimate is part of why we are where we are. A) Don't allow the opposition to know who you are (delegates) and B) call us and tell us who you are and your story is just plain crazy. There should have been clear communication about A or B and the DP should not have been *the place*

So, to me there has to be an absolute standard (where the frog is not in the pot) and that has not changed with me one iota. The why is due to organized chaos, lack of communication,a less than committed stance by some and, perhaps, the lack of a strong and earnest youth leader.