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I love the DailyPaul and there has been some discussion of what should happen to it after Tampa. Of course it should stick around, but without a presidential race, it's not going to be the same kind of "hub" as it has been. We need to think of a reason "why" people would want to come here since Ron Paul, sadly, won't be around forever.

This rEVOLution was never about Dr. Paul, but about us. So to keep DP not just going, but growing, we have to make this site about many different people. took a step in that direction. They list the different candidates in different states who are running for office. DailyPaul sorely needs a section dedicated to liberty candidates. A place where they can list all their information for people to investigate for themselves.

DP should take a page from Ron Paul meetup sites as well. Because they're good at informing people of what's going on in their area and how they can contribute.

So my suggestion is to combine the ideas from both libertycandidates and Ron Paul meetup pages. Create a section dedicated to liberty candidates and on each candidates page, give a DP user the option to receive updates on this candidate. I would personally love an option to look at the liberty candidates in my area and check a little box that sends me an email and/or a text message reminding me to "Remember to vote Jon Doe this Saturday the 16th between 7am and 7pm" right on saturday. Or on the day before, or both, or any date the user chooses to be reminded.

It would also be a great idea to have emails and/or text messages sent out (optional of course. always optional) informing someone of a new liberty candidate in their state. "Jane Doe just became a liberty candidate in IL." Something like that could be sent out every day/week/month, etc., whatever setting a DP user chooses.

Currently, Libertycandidates doesn't have anyone running for precinct committeeman as I can tell. That's a political position that would thrive if given the opportunity. Learn how to become a PCM and then put your profile on the DP. People are notified that you're there to check out if they like you and should get text messages/emails reminding them of when to vote for you.

If people can come to DP not only to converse, but to do ACTUAL WORK in promoting liberty candidates then the DP is more than just a hangout site to talk about the good doctor. It's a place to really get stuff done. To WALK and not just TALK. Real action.