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Two sides of the story...

At the end of the day there is a more scary and dangerous worry than the "whiners".

As the French Revolution was wrapping up there were many who screamed "Liberty!" that demanded a purging of their ranks of those who were even suspected of having different ideas on how to implement a secular govt to replace the monarchy.

This resulted in the xenophobic, maniacal and genocidal Reign of Terror. All in the name of "Freedom", "Liberty" and "Brotherhood".

Maybe the whiners have their problems. But I guarantee that some of you who instantly scream like scalded sociopaths are anxious for a "necessary purging in order for 'liberty' to have a chance". There is no real Liberty without love and mercy.

I'll deal with the whiners any day versus selfish self-loving "warrior saints in your own mind" Clockwork Orange type punks who seem to dominate Daily Paul now days. What is so special about the "skill" of noticing something that makes you feel uncomfortable and then yelling and screaming "silence them!" (which will one day turn into "off with their heads!)? Only someone overloaded with narcissism and delusions of grandeur and stunted social development would take "pride" in such an infantile behavior.

Perhaps, THE most significant difference between the American and French revolutions was the unexpected-by-the-world mercy and forgiveness the Americans showed towards former Royalists. Your attitudes will one day be fuel for real and serious action on the streets and not just your internet fantasy life you lead on Daily Paul. This is serious business. Your attitude today may kill someone tomorrow when and if our movement is take to real streets with real human blood at stake.

I wish the whiners would find some new tactic because I hate unnecessary drama. But you "anti-troll warriors" who feign being Great Protectors, you scare the hell out of me. And you should be worried that you are not scaring yourself... o_O

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