Comment: Can't blame you for falling for the same old trick.

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Can't blame you for falling for the same old trick.

In the last 30 years Dr. Paul has never made the mistakes in politics that Rand has in 2. Rand has spoken and voted in ways that I do not approve. That does not mean that in the future I won't vote for him, but if he continues on the path that he is on, he's just another establishment puppet.

You think we're ignorant because we dislike Rand. We're not ignorant, blind, or biased. We're skeptical and cautious. When we see so many politicians time and time again betraying their own words and voting the opposite way, it's kind of hard to trust anyone. Then we stumbled upon Ron and we thought, "Woh! Maybe not ALL politicians are corrupt." - In comes Rand...he looks similar, talks similarly; except his convictions are weaker and he's willing to pander to a crowd.

That makes "us" raise our eyebrows and say, "Wait a minute, this is behavior that I've seen from MOST other politicians. Maybe he isn't like his father."

And you call us blind? No good sir, we understand your line of thinking, we just don't agree with the premise.