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Comment: haha, that's more zen than my take...

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haha, that's more zen than my take...

but I like your assessment.

only time will, and can tell.

that, is probably the most frustrating part. there are hints of how all of this could go either way.

1. Rand is completely naive in thinking he can co-opt neoCons
2. Rand is completely naive in thinking he can co-opt us for himself
3. Rand is playing some 4D chess and we're all wrong

none of which will be confirmed until much later. besides, frankly as a Senator though, I have no doubt that despite the Mutt WRONGney endorsement, his actual legislative efforts would be no different the day before or the day after the announcement: he'll still vote like he has already demonstrated that he will do in his rookie term, which while not 100% Ron Paul-ian, it's the best Constitutionalist record in the Senate, bar none.

but what I do see Rand factually doing is at least outwardly he's signaling an obvious break from the R3VOLution that his father has inspired, and seems to be carving out his own new base of support consisting of some who have joined his campaign from our ranks, along with those from the astroturfed KOCHtopus Tea-o-Cons.

From all of his media outreach on the slightly less RINO mainline GOP outlets, and the faketarian RINO Glenn Beck I'm pretty certain he want to coalesce his own independent base of support consisting of those whose values lie somewhere between the RINOs and the Tea-o-Con and some of the more utilitarian consequentialists among us.

can anyone truly achieve Constitutionalism with those who are only 40% Constitutionalist, philosophically, let alone restore the Republic, or 100% of our Natural Rights?

obviously not. but regardless, all of this only matters if one expects the current political, economic, and overall geopolitical status quo to remain... er... the status quo, for years to come.

but I'm of the mind, as there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO CHANCE the currency collapse WON'T happen at Fed's current trajectory, we're not gonna have a political system as we know it for Rand to even bother building his own. Ron at least had 40+ yrs of definitive public record, 24 of which in publicly verifiable voting record to know that he's the real deal, which led him to be able to build the political infrastructure and a fervent base all in less than 5 yrs.

well, as far as I'm concerned if Rand thinks we're on the same time line as every other political season before, by the time he becomes the Pres, there's not gonna be a Republic, to be the President of.

But that's my 'um... so when we going Galt?' sentiment, that may or may not happen. that said, it's not like Rand isn't aware of how dire the currency collapse imminently looms.

hopefully in the aggregate though, MORE Ron Paul-ness has rubbed off on him than what many of us have observed since last week.

like I said. all a waiting game now...

so not worth for me to get angsty over; though hopefully I got it all out the way! LOL.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul