Comment: Lmao Damn Luke.

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Lmao Damn Luke.

This isn't how you gain journalistic credibility, though, I assume that Luke had to do it this way because he has p!ssed off Rand in the past, which has lead to his denial of interviews.

Its too bad to see Luke's ego get in the way of growing the movement, which is what Rand's endorsement was all about.

'Bilderburg group' this and 'bilderburg group' that. Sometimes it doesn't matter how polite you are when asking the questions, rather its the questions that you ask. Maybe you should have just stuck to asking about the endorsement.. and waiting a lil bit for an answer.

No wonder he wont talk to you, Luke.

By the way, as even you admitted in this video, in regards to policy... he's on our side.

When injustice becomes law - rebellion becomes duty.