Comment: Key Issue - 911.

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Key Issue - 911.

+1. 911 led to many wars, = killings, waste, destruction, change in laws, Patriot Act, Global War on Terror, TSA, loss of rights and liberties, infringement of privacy, snooping into accounts, groping /violating body of passengers, etc.

911 truths must take first priority - to break confidence in govt-s, the cracks are already there, now a little more push is required. Secondly, its an easier subject to discuss, with the aid of visuals the commentaries are easy to explain /understand.
* Banking & finance are complex subjects, carry a lot of numbers = trillions.
* Constitution & law - is heavy weight, much of it seems greek.
* Religion - has been carried-off to mystery zone, with bizarre justice = exempt from law, add to it doctrine, dogma & creed, a cocktail of true & false, trinity, etc.

I am Not suggesting that the above 3 subjects be ignored, = only for strategy, priority and ease 911 truths must be brought forward /up,= it concerns americans & the world.