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Look here Robin

This is the kernel of Ron Paul's message:

"Anderson rightly points out that a myriad elected offices nationwide are unfilled or filled in uncontested elections. Liberty rEVOLutionaries should be standing for every single one of them, as Israel says, from Sheriff to Dog Catcher."

My County has 21 seats for the Republican Central Committee, only 8 are occupied. Some districts in my county have no one.

This is what Ron Paul was saying, that "cured my apathy".

My RCC meets for one hour each month. How hard is that to do?

If you've been watching this race for delegates, what you've been seeing is highly contested seats getting allot of attention, but those empty seats, that are not getting much attention, are where you see folks on here BEGGING people to join.

One big problem we have is, people don't believe they are qualified, they don't have "it". YES THEY DO!!!!!! If they would go to a meeting and see what's there... mine, for example, had two people older than Ron Paul, who admitted they were former Democrats that only took a seat because someone had to.

If everyone on DP made the effort to take a seat, we would not have heard Rand endorsing Romney; However, the Lawyers for Ron Paul are going to change this game BIG TIME.

For those like me, there is no break after the nomination... I have allot of work in front of me filling those 12 empty seats in my County with Ron Paul Republicans. I'm not alone, Thank God!