Comment: Rand supporters and haters all need to see this.....

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Rand supporters and haters all need to see this.....

....this is the current political reality as of today 6/15/2012 and we need to DEAL WITH IT.

You can't deal with reality by engaging in self-delusion.

The fact is that Trygve's, Wead's and Hunter's strategy HAS BACKFIRED. I am NOT talking about how we in the movement FEEL about it, one way or another.

I'm talking about the fact that
a) Rand Paul received NOTHING in exchange for his endorsement and
b) that the very people whom the endorsement was supposed to impress, it had the POLAR OPPOSITE EFFECT, they lost ALL respect for Rand and for us as witnessed by this blog post and others ->

Yes, we need to be in it to win it through Tampa (whether the campaign and Jesse Benton is or not).

However, we need to also deal with the POLITICAL REALITY ON THE GROUND RIGHT NOW caused by the Rand endorsement as pointed out by these blogs.

As the C4L training taught, if you have political access it means that the people giving you the access HAVE ZERO RESPECT FOR YOU.

When they BLOCK YOU AT EVERY TURN, that's when you know they have respect for you, and only then. You turn them when you bring the numbers, not when you endorse them.

Sorry, but that's the HARD POLITICAL REALITY.