Comment: Selling Ron's email list of

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Selling Ron's email list of

Selling Ron's email list of subscribers to the Romney campaign is not what Ron did, but rather what his campaign has done. Ron isn't aware of this, and Adam has been doing a good job of defending Ron. Some are overreacting towards the good doc and putting the blame on Ron.

I don't believe Ron is part of some secret cabal. But I do believe there are leeches on his campaign.

My take on the opinion of those who endorse the Rand endorsement as some kind of covert and secret takeover as the GOP.

This video by Adam helps explain alot, and Adam has been helping to defend the good doc against some who are wanting to say Ron was part of this. Purge, purge, purge. I agree. Dr. Paul has been betrayed. And it's not so hard to figure out where to start...

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