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Comment: Legislation

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Rand keep harping about all the legislation he's introduced over the past weeks, which seems to have been to lessen the impact of him jumping ship.
Rand, I'm not interested in what legislation you've introduced, I am interested in you answering the questions put forth by DailyPaul supporters. You did a very good job answering "like a politician" and I find that somewhat troubling.
I was hoping that you would be more like your father, and take the baton, that could have been passed to you.
OK, So you said you'd endorse the nominee a year ago, You could have come forward and "explained" that you had erred in saying that, or that you "had hopes" it would be your father. That's why you said that a year ago, But now it looks like Mitt Romney will be the nominee and I just can't support his platform. This would had given the liberty lovers a big boost going into Tampa, however You went the other way and took the wind out of the sails before Tampa.
You could had waited until after August to do you announcement and say...I waited until the nominee was "confirmed".
So many unanswered questions here.