Comment: hi y'all, Love you all, as you know, but I can care less what

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hi y'all, Love you all, as you know, but I can care less what

some of you feel about Adam Kokesh, Rand, Tate, Benton et al.

this is about the integrity of the official RP2012 campaign, the principled steadfastness of the R3VOLution and most of all, Dr. Paul's INCORRUPTIBLE reputation that's on the line.

Adam may be obnoxious at times, can be an attention whore and be overtly a "loud-mouth" as he himself refers himself as in jest. That said, I have not seen the boy to lie. And to those who don't like the fact that he's an agnostic/atheist, well then you can ignore him if that's your sole criteria if not a predominant criteria in considering/judging who you may or may not consider worthy of considering their opinions of.

I am sick to death of all this infighting. Frankly I shouldn't even have to clarify this, if this were months ago.

Like all forms of dissent and constructive criticisms, it's healthy.

So IF at all you care about Dr. Paul, and the movement by proxy, WOULDN'T YOU WANT TO KNOW IF IN FACT HE HAS BEEN SABOTAGED IN THIS WAY?

Don't like what the ramifications of the answer may be? We'll deal with it. What, if it is true, just because it may become a blip of bad press, you'd rather gloss over than PURGE the scums and leeches who are sabotaging Dr. Paul from within??

How the FRAK would you like it, if your vice president who you were about to introduce just told you 30min before grand opening of your headquarters that he was moving on to another company, when his face was plastered all over the promo and the press expected him to lead the company, not move onto a competitor's??

Would YOU not want to know if someone were to drop a bombshell like that right before the big publicity HQ opening??

THAT, is the real issue, NOT what me or you feel about Adam.

It's about WHAT it means, as I keep repeating IF what he alleges turns out to be true.

THAT, is the point. It's about Dr. Paul's reputations that these leeches are ruining by their actions, IF so.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul