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Let me help you

It's taken me a little over two hours to dl to listen, and I'm still listening.

Every delegate who contacted the lawyers for Ron Paul, and every member, who is a delegate for Ron Paul, such as myself, vetted them.

There are over 100 Ron Paul delegates who filed complaints, and hundreds more who joined to support them.

This is OUR campaign. Ron Paul's campaign representatives are negotiating with Romney for convention planks. Doug Wead has said, Ron Paul has no chance. They have quit.

Those of us who have joined and are supporting Lawyers for Ron Paul have taken the campaign, mutany is what we are calling it, because

RON PAUL IS THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE and WE THE PEOPLE are fighting a good fight.

What do we have to lose? We have every delegate to win.

Now, what's your issue? Are you a delegate?