Comment: Federal Judge David Carter to hear case

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Federal Judge David Carter to hear case

...."Gilbert said he wants to get the case heard as soon as possible so that all rightfully elected delegates are seated at the National Convention in August, and are free to vote for the candidate of their choice.
"The hour is late and short, but we won't just stand by and let the Republican National Convention get away with disenfranchising voters," Gilbert said.
"I'd love to line up all the criminals and take them on a perp walk through court."
The case will be heard by U.S. Judge David Carter, though no hearing dates have been set because more than 100 defendants need to be served. Gilbert described Carter as a strict judge, who is fair and honest.
"If the judge rules in our favor, I won't be surprised if three or four new candidates, say Sarah Palin, jump in and say they want to be considered," Gilbert said.
"It will be the most interesting national convention in my lifetime if the judge rules for us on this."
Legally, the case may hinge on whether the judge accepts the plaintiffs' claim that the nominating convention is a "federal" election. Courts have traditionally given the two major political parties considerable leeway in managing their own affairs, for instance, in whether state parties may hold open or closed primaries.

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