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I beg to differ.

The reference to bodily effluvia to elicit an emotion of disgust from the reader is technically swearing. You were not talking about a stool sample in the doctors office.

"He should have cared about his honor and integrity."

I have no Idea what people mean when they bandy about this phrase.

He hasn't broken any commandments. He hasn't born false witness against his neighbor like so many hundreds have on these threads.

Honor -He is on his honor to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

If someone is a suspected enemy do you kick them in the balls, or would it be more honorable to find out if indeed they are an enemy of the Constitution, or simply mislead and ill-informed.

"He[Rand] didn't realize that." That is an interesting opinion, just because you believe it doesn't make it real for Rand. Say rather that you had certain expectations, and when Rand didn't follow your unwritten commandments for him, you sent him through hell. Then you would be telling me something that you can know personally.

You can put up stickers for the incumbent and Nancy P for all I care. I am willing to leave you free, just don't trample my rights. I take a dim view of that.

>I'm not ready to "grow up" or "endorse" or "campaign" for Mitt Romney.

I am in agreement with you here. What kind of liberty movement gives orders?

Free includes debt-free!