Comment: Nothing worth having is free

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Nothing worth having is free

Learning is a everyday event or should be. As far as getting “something for nothing” well isn't that the nanny state talking. Nothing worth having is free. Everything has a price that has to be paid. If we could really get “something for nothing” we wouldn't need someone to pay the ransom for all the wrongs we have done so we could enjoy the next life in a better place. All debts have to be settled upon parting this life. We will always owe more than we can pay for the wrongs we have done and a third party will have to “bail us out”, someone who lived a perfect life and could grant us the mercy needed. If this rings any bells maybe you can think of the name of such a person.
As far as Tom goes he for sure doesn't know everything there is to know; notwithstanding he has a head start on most and what he offers is very inexpensive because most have paid tens of thousands to learn much less. Everyone has to judge for themselves as to what they can and are ready to learn. Tom probability would be the first to admit that he doesn't know it all; however he is willing to share what he does know inexpensively. You still have to pay with your time.