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"I warned you..." ??


you 'warned " me ??
when did you "warn " me, bubbie ??

one, who the hela are you to warn anyone?

two, there was nothing in that post

"pointing your finger directly at muslims, jews, irish, blacks etc."

there was NO mention of muslims, irish, blacks or other

you parrot the words you have memorized to blast those you dont agree with and just repeat those buzz words
thats a worn out tactic and most see thru it

in that post jews were said to be of two kinds, those ones who work with us and those who are hell bent on destruction by their own words as was QUOTED in the post

three, YOU have seen fit to have someones post removed because you are, in your paranoia, frightened by truth that goes against the teachings of your god and the whole of that evangel charade

you have misrepresented what WAS in that post

I have seen you do so before in threads here
remember a petty trant is as vulnerable as his own deeds that come back as the boomerang always does

take THAT to your god who has never been able to CHANGE the Universal Laws, EVER !

Its hard to imagine a 'god' you believe you honor by your petty tyrannical tactics and lying about peoples posts

thats what you call "honor" ? , poor you.

heres FACT for you
those who hold the mideval beliefs as you do are now being flushed by the Universal Cycles
how you deal with your life would be soap opera reading in the next few years :)


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.