Comment: A bill to abolish the TSA does not balance out

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A bill to abolish the TSA does not balance out

advocating for President someone who favors the TSA, the NDAA, the Patriot Act, a National I.D. Card, accepts money from Goldman Sachs et al, supports the harming of innocents through Sanctions and Preemptive Unconstitutional Wars, supported the Bailout of the Too Big to Fails that has economically devastated this country, and thinks torture is ok. Open your eyes and see the big picture. Someone hands you a dollar and steals your house and we should cut him some slack? No hatred involved. Quite the opposite, a Passionate Love for Liberty, the real thing, not politics as usual. One team. One heart. Rand Paul is not on the team. I wish him well as a human being, but as a spokesperson for the Liberty Movement, he has fired himself.