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Benedict Arnold probably did it the way he thought was right.

First they ignore you, then they attack you, then they co-opt you, and once you are co-opted you go back to being ignored by those who care about Principle. I used to be neutral, but I am sure I am not the only one who every time I see Rand Paul's picture, it sickens and disgusts. This is not hatred of the man, but a strong association with what he has done to harm the Liberty Movement. We have been distracted by his nonsense. It would be ok if from time to time when there is a personal piece on the life of Ron Paul to, of course, see a picture of Rand as a member of the family, but that is it. As far as his political career: requiescat in pace. Resurrection would require some serious retractions, penance, and mea culpas, and he would have to go back to the logical coherent speech of someone who has not compromised his integrity. Since 1987, I have recruited many people for Ron Paul and those people in turn have recruited others. One of the easiest ways was to say, just listen to the man speak, you will immediately hear in the way he speaks and see in the sincerity of his eyes, you are not dealing with a typical politician. Rand Paul on the other hand has learned to speak like the typical rationalizing evasive Establishment Politician. Now I have to explain him away in order to get the discussion back to Liberty.