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Easier said than done

Think how many books Ron has read to build the theory. Think about his 30 years long experience as a politician, and what he has witnessed in Washington.

Listen Ron's interviews to hostile MSM, they are a result of knowledge and determination and intelligence and morality. Having all these abilities together in one person is close to impossible. Look at all the plots of GOP and MSM, and Bilderberg and whoever... What Ron Paul is doing is a magic based on a very hard work. It is not an easy thing to do, they chase you, catch you and you are done...

Some say Rand is a better speaker than Ron. That is so not true. Rand is a smooth-talking politician that makes me sleep, whose goal is not to say anything, to stick to the fringe topics and escape. Ron Paul is a genius-speaker, his speeches and interviews are like poems but also very real and relevant. You can't wait for his next thought.

So, Rand got caught and lost. Let's hope he will learn and understand. But also, let's not expect from him too much, and let's give to some other young people a chance to lead.

I am sad about Ron in this situation, but he is a strong man.