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Anyone with a modicum of

Anyone with a modicum of critical thought will recognize this article is nothing but drivel. But if I could submit a comment (which for some reason I can't) I would respond something along these lines:

What irony. Casting hateful generalizations and aspersions upon an entire group, accusing the entire group of being hateful and anti-Semitic. Please. You couldn't find a better definition of prejudice and bigotry if you looked those words up in the dictionary.

I also am amused with your quandary, i.e., "what should society do with all those Ron Paul supporters? Something must be done with them!"

Allow me to cut to the chase and articulate the tenor of your questions. What to do the Ron Paul supporters? How about throw them all in FEMA concentration camps? How about eradicate them with drones? Something must be done!

I'm sorry, if you are not a paid troll or provocateur for Statist interests, you are a low-grade moron. And my apologies in advance for being "hateful" or hurting your feelings with the truth if you are not the former.