Comment: well, to Dr. Paul's garden tomatoes, Hell No you can't have him!

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well, to Dr. Paul's garden tomatoes, Hell No you can't have him!

well... not right now, right now.o)

honestly though, I can't see him 'retire' retire in the traditional sense, as I see him traveling the country with Carol, simply doing what he does: speak the Truth, wake up minds, enlighten, and those who see the Greatness of Past America in him are melted into 'aw shucks, gentle souls like that still exist in the 21st century??'

he'll always be that Gray Champion in my book.

yup. I too agree with your, there are many others behind the scenes.

I suppose as a third party observer who is not a fly on the wall in all of his senior advisory board meetings, it's frustrating, as we all support him, but don't know what the campaign has been doing. though frankly, that NEVER stopped us from doing our own thing, and practically running the campaign the way we see fit regardless of what some of the more 'professional' typical political operators within the traditional structure of the campaign has done or is doing.

yup. still, I always wished that while it's silly to expect a man his age to change his ways, if there was ONE thing that I truly wished that he'd have done this time around? Instead of his faithfully weekly Texas Straight Talk segments, that he could replace or supplement that with general campaign updates, without citing any details that may unnecessarily give our enemies ammo.

other than that, I just hope he's doing well. because as far as I'm concerned, he's already LONG achieved what he's set out to achieve; as Tom Woods cited recently, "Ron Paul, you changed the world in 2007" in the 'Ghouliani moment,' and has since woken up MILLIONS of minds worldwide!

I mean how many politicians/statesmen, let alone a President, ever done that? Sure these murderous warmongers set precedents for more institutionalized tyranny, but they're merely puppets continuing to carry out a program never ending program of statism by the Oligarchy that has always ruled this world, in one form or another.

As Lew Rockwell often says, we're the only political movement that is PURELY philosophic in its foundation in which most supporters are not merely supporters, but are in fact activists. What's more, our movement in the only one in which the man who inspired it, also inspired those who support him to go out and READ authors!

Don't know if there can be a metric but I'd gather with the amount of minds he's directly awakened, if each of us were non-Matrixy energy units, we'd light up the entire world's electric grid for over a century!!!

seriously, has anyone ever heard of anyone wanting to hug Romney with a "I love you man, you changed my life, forever!"

THAT, is something no amount of MSM propaganda smears and revisionism, or NWO character assassinations can EVER take away.

Let's face it. WE are his legacy, not just Rand, and as of now, MORE than Rand.

With that in mind, I'm quite happy.o)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul