Comment: Satire & Humor. Use Satire & humer to poke fun at Punditry

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Satire & Humor. Use Satire & humer to poke fun at Punditry

That is what is sorely missing today's discourse.

The only place you can find it is .... ?

Yea, you get my point. Maybe the Daily Show and Some Cartoons.

Then there is the Colbert Report, its full of satire and humor, but its fully on one side of the Pundit divide. Hence, NOT what I am talking about here.

Libertarians are in a perfect situation to Call out BOTH the RIGHT WING pundits on their hypocrisies and call out the Left wing pundits on theirs.

Finally the Media, as Jan points out they ALL do these five things.

1) Horse race chatter.
2) Political strategies
3) How good or bad the politicians are doing
4) Speculating on their future prospects

all devoid of the following that people need to know.

A) brief history of the subject
B) brief summary of the issues involved
C) an EXTENDED discussion of the issues

Say the news wants to report on California governors election. What would help you more, 1-4 above or ABC above?

And would it not be GOOD reporting to keep punditry out of it? They would zero in on well made arguments and look for well made responses, and steer clear of name calling, smears and faulty reasoning. They would explore assumptions made.


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