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That's NOT what the MT GOP said to me several

months ago, when we were deciding about becoming delegates! They said we would have to vote for the nominee, and their application form asked "who do you support for the Republican nominee?

I felt it was a stacked deck. Also, I found out it was a RINO GOP committee (based out of Helena) that would choose the "delegates", so I knew right there that we had ZIP CHANCE.

The MT GOP has the names of all RP supporters, too, unless they are brand, brand new.

After the deplorable treatment at the 2008 State Convention, I had had it with the GOP leadership. They changed it from a caucus state to a primary state, because they didn't want a strong RP force contingent to influence or be able to vote in a caucus.

Ron Paul came in 2nd in 2008 here. THAT's why they were afraid of us, but their despicable treatment of us at the State Convention---separating all RP supporters from their "slate" of delegates on each side of the room--well it was humiliating in hindsight. And, they did it deliberately so that the audience of voters would know who NOT to vote for! Not even Dave, our leader, who did so much work, got to be a delegate, the pos garbage sh--ts!

Many hardcore RINOS (most of them) remained seated that night in the audience after Dr. Paul spoke. We stood up & clapped for him. They sat & wouldn't even clap! I was totally ashamed of these brainwashed people. It was pathetic.

A few months ago I spoke to the head GOP RINO and I expressed my disappointment in their intolerant behavior towards us. It was as bad as the day Bill Clinton called the sheriff's dpt. on us when we were down in Iowa campaigning for Ron. We were simply standing outside the school with our signs. We weren't blocking the doors, just handing out some brochures to people as they came in, but noooooooooooooo, ole Bill Clinton made sure his SECRET SERVICE agent got rid of us. We were ordered to leave the school and move to the street!! By the deputies!! They gave the same old lame excuse that the school had been rented and was their property while Billy boy spoke.