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The thing is, with Rand's endorsement, it brings in Romney people who don't care for Ron's speeches but perhaps do like Rand. As of now, the party is split between Romney people and Paul people. Many Romney people don't even know Ron is still running and then there are those that have heard lies about Ron and don't understand his ideas. And then there are others that won't vote for Ron simply because they feel his supporters are annoying. So, with Rand's endorsement happening now, it bring in the Romney people to the Paul side. When Rand runs for president, they will then vote for Rand because by then, hopefully, the party won't be so split unless Romney thinks he should run yet again.

My question to those that don't care for Ron is: Why vote for Romney when you say Romney is crooked? Paul supporters will only vote for Paul so there is no point in wasting your vote on Romney if he can't beat Obama. There is none other that can slam Obama down than Ron. He will have his own supporters along with Romney supporters, ex-Obama supporters and the younger generation. Obama will stutter constantly when faced with Ron on stage.

These are my principles. If you don't like them, I have others."

--Groucho Marx