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re: Napolitano 2016

yes, thirty people agreed they'd like to see Judge Napolitano hold a public office. It'd probably be nice, sure. But this is not newsworthy. I wouldn't even call it a new idea (1, 2, 3, 4, etc). People agree about lots of things! Over 100 people think it's a great, circumstance-altering thing that there might be a lawsuit against Romney. But as some point out, this isn't going to change things one iota right now.

re: car crash. Car crash imagery doesn't sit well with me. That's mostly it. I'm not sure who the audience of it was. If it's to Mr. GOP conformist, you're not convincing him with a suicidal attitude. If it's to the movement, do they still need to hear that?

That's why I didn't touch those, I don't often. If someone else did, I wouldn't've minded.

I'm not trying to discourage you, but you asked, so I'm telling you. They're my opinions, and they're often overridden, which is fine.

I've nothing against you, either! Your usually bring up very good points in conversation. I don't know of any mod with anything against you.

The ultimate short answer is there's still an electoral college.

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