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You are funny. You give me a

You are funny. You give me a term - implied consent - and then you associate what Rand Paul did with what the type of implied consent that the police use, just because you say that Rand's consent was implied. Something is not implied just because you say so.

The govenrments excuse of implied consent is by the consideration of the use of other documents of their's (eg. drivers license) that you used in transactions with them. (As a point of interest - but irrelevent to our discussion - apparently implied consent can be fought if you place yourself under the appropriate jurisdiction).

All I saw was Rand considering if he wanted to speak with the guy, or not. He wisely decided it was not a good time to discuss the things that were asked considering what was going on lately. Understand this . . . I think Rand's endorsement was dumb. I just don't want to be following rabbit trails.